Abilix educational robots
– effective learning through play

Abilix is a pioneer and a global leader in the educational robot market, present in over 50 countries around the world. For more than 20 years, it has been providing innovative educational robotics solutions in line with the requirements of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics). Programmable Abilix robots support education of children and youth in the field of science. They develop competences of the future, such as creativity, logical thinking, problem-solving skills or group cooperation.

Up to 50 projects to build from one set

each of which develops different skills

4 programming languages

  • Abilix DRAG&DROP – easy and intuitive programming for children, by dragging and rearranging “tiles” with commands.
  • Abilix SCRATCH – the most popular programming language in Polish schools for intermediate users.
  • Abilix FLOW-CHART – block diagram programming language for intermediate-level programming
  • C for the advanced (available on PCs)

3D blocks

an innovative system that allows for combining elements from up to six sides gives virtually endless possibilities of creating projects.

Interactive 3D application for building and programming

Abilix Krypton-Todays future (available on Google Play and App Store) includes:

  • MEET KRYPTONcourse describing the most important elements and functions of the robot, facilitating the first steps with Abilix robots.
  • INTERACTIVE 3D INSTRUCTIONS– showing how to build models step by step.
  • MODULES for robot programming in 3 languages: DRAG&DROP, SCRATCH, FLOW- CHART.

Up to 1,122 items in a set

provide great possibilities of configuring appearance of Abilix robots and programming their behaviour.

Modern engines and sensors

The sets include sensors and motors, thanks to which robots can move around and, among others, hear, respond to touch or recognize their position in space. An efficient processor in the robot’s brain instantly processes complicated operations, allowing the devices to immediately execute commands.