Abilix educational robots are manufactured by PartnerX, a pioneer and global leader of the educational robot market in the world

PartnerX has been designing and producing educational robots for 22 years. Within this time, it has provided innovative solutions to over 50 countries around the world, equipped over 50,000 schools with robots, created 2,000 school laboratories and, most importantly, developed 550 patents. Thanks to these years of experience, we could develop a number of competitive advantages.

A family of programmable robots

In its offer, Abilix has a variety of robots: from flying Iris, which can carry objects, through creative series C and modular series H, whose blocks have many free movement angles and connection possibilities, to the Oculus series, which helps to perform everyday housework, or Krypton supporting children and youth in science education. All of them are fully programmable. These series will be gradually introduced in Poland.

Krypton series educational robots present on the Polish market are compliant with educational requirements in the STEAM trend

STEAM gives children and youth possibility to use full potential in shaping competences of the future. “STEAM” comes from the first letters of the words Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics. Science in the STEAM trend develops creativity, entrepreneurship, technological, design and social competences as well as self-confidence and awareness of own strengths and talents.

Playing with them never gets boring

Multiple possibilities of configuring the robots’ appearance and programming their behaviour guarantee many hours of creative play and education. Depending on the model, a child can build from 17 to 50 different projects, developing various skills. The largest set has as many as 1,122 blocks, whose innovative system makes it possible to combine elements from six sides. It provides great possibilities to create robot designs. The sets also include modern engines and sensors thanks to which the robots can, among others, hear, respond to touch or recognize their position in space.

Program and develop competences of the future

Regarding a programming language, the manufacturer has thought about users at different levels of advancement. And so: for the youngest, Abilix Drag&Drop, which is easy and intuitive dragging and rearranging the “tiles” with the use of commands; for schoolchildren: Abilix Scratch – the most popular programming language in Polish schools and Abilix Flow-Chart; and for the most advanced: C language (available on Krypton 4, Krypton 6 and Krypton 8).